Friday, May 29, 2009

Hot Air Balloon

T-Rex received an award for 2nd most AR points this year (I think she was 5th last year). Again, in addition to an ice cream party and a trophy, she got to go up in a hot air balloon. She could take a guest, and thought about one of her friends, but the waiver said they had to be over 18. So she told me, "I GUESS I'll take you then." I pointed out that she could take Grandma or one of her Aunts, or her teacher, and I got, "No, you're fine." I feel loved.

So yesterday we took various classes over to watch (including mine). Now even though I wasn't feeling the love, I was excited because I had missed this even with her last year and Brian went. I hate that sometimes my job as a teacher actually keeps me AWAY from certain activities that take place during the day - field trips, birthday lunches, etc.

The first place child went, and then it was our turn. We climbed in, and up we went. It was great, although not something I would ever seek to do in my down time. I asked the man who owned the balloon the heighest he had been in that balloon and he said 14,000 feet. Wow. T-Rex was all smiles, and we waved to all of the classes (Blondie, Cheesie and Brian were there too - Big Al had exams). So I think T-Rex had a great day. I love that there is such an adventurous award for reading books.

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Holly said...

oh i am jealous. I would love to have gone. My hubby booked us a balloon ride one year for our anniversary but the weather didnt cooperate. Congrats to Trex though!