Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

I had a GREAT Mother's Day.... because I have a GREAT family. The day started with me getting breakfast in bed, and then receiving useful gifts - a giant coneflower and a lemon tree. I had found a bunch of citrus trees at the garden store a month ago, and started strategizing how to get one, but I have SO many trees to get rid of first. Brian, thankfully, bought one anyway, so I'll have to think about where to put it. I checked his photoblog and saw a very sweet post for me on Mother's Day, and I think that was about the best thing (except for the little girl's cards... Cheesie wrote "I like win you make the best diner ever.")

We then all hustled up to get out and go hike. It is becoming our tradition to go do something for the day, and I really enjoy my effort of trying to buy less, I like that we find a lot of things to do together. Hopefully those are the things my girls will pass on to their children - I don't want their memories to be of TV time. The little girls really love letterboxing, so we took them out to the local state forest and hiked a few miles, and found some new boxes. It was getting hot, even the dogs were tired, so we headed over to my mom's house.

Brian grilled, and my brother Colin, and sister Natalie, came over too, and we all enjoyed each other's company. That's it.... my ideal day: Get out, do something, and catch up with family. No stress, and ends with good food, how can that go wrong?

I blogged about my garden today over on Simply Dawson. Hopefully I'll get back into the swing of blogging as school winds down in a few weeks. I'm not as swamped right now, but I have still have to make it through girl scout camping this weekend (praying for thunderstorms to stay away).

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